SiloStay | Banks Peninsula | New Zealand | 2014

SiloStay | Accommodation Complex
Concept work for SiloStay.


Traditionally grain silos are found in the country filled with feed, surrounded by a distinct waft of, er, farm animals; however 'SiloStay', based in Little River, Banks Peninsula, is going against the grain. In this instance, proprietary grain silos are being used as individual motel units as part of an innovative, ecofriendly and affordable accommodation complex.

SiloStay, Little River, has eight single units each sleeping two people, an accessible/family unit and a managers unit which will be erected to complete this exciting project. Visionary and founder of this project, Stuart Wright-Stow and his design team, F3 Design, are passionate about environmental sustainability so have designed an energy unit which houses a gravity fed wood pellet boiler to heat the complex. This sits within its own custom designed silo with
glazed panels so you can see the energy in the making.

Each two storey unit is 8.7 metres high. The peak has a glazed lid allowing a glimpse of the night sky while relaxing in bed. Upstairs houses a queen sized bed and ensuite while downstairs has a kitchen and living area.

SiloStay, Little River, is an exciting project that opens avenues for further ventures . The vision and ingenuity of this design is its versatility of uses in areas which are not necessarily accommodation complexes. These individual units or the larger family complex can be used in a myriad of situations and locations. For example, these units can easily become inner city offices, batches for secluded hideaways, home and office situations, sleep-outs, information centres, accommodation facilities for conference centres, or anything else that requires a compact vessel to accommodate the many needs of both the commercial and domestic sectors.

Along with the grain silo accommodation fit-out and conguration, F3 Design and Stuart have developed drawings for inner city office complexes. If there is a vision for the Silo Units, F3 Design will work with the client to create an exciting outcome to suit anyone's needs.


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Stuart Wright-Stow was interviewed by Country Life presenter, Cosmo Kentish-Barnes, on Radio New Zealand National, about the SiloStay project.