F3 Design work with a range of contractors, consultants, builders and fabricators to cater to a variety of projects, large and small. The process can vary considerably depending on the scope of the project.

We will endeavour to help you through whatever journey you are embarking on, and always see the project as a collaboration which requires commitment from both designer and client. 

Projects may involve the following stages:

  • pre design
  • concept design
  • developed design
  • detailed documentation
  • procurement/consent process
  • contract administration
  • construction observation
  • building prototypes and jigs
  • manufacturing and installation. 

Creative problem-solving is what sets us apart. A slightly different take on the everyday approach, and a eye for detail to make it come together.

We never know what we're going to do next so don't be afraid to pitch us your ideas and we'll let you know if we are keen to jump on board and help you out.


If you'd like further information about what to expect during the design and building process then take a look at the Building Guide.