F3's take on architectural design is innovative, stylish and refreshing. F3 Design works closely with their clients to build a product that is uniquely suited to their needs, with style and longevity that they can be proud of.

 PAST PROJECTS                 


F3 has been home to a dynamic team with a plethora of creative skills & has worked on an array of creative projects. Take a look at some of our past projects, ranging from our bodywares, homewares & furniture ranges; a sculptural installation for a contemporary dance production; a coin operated dance floor; temporary street furniture made from recycled materials; to name but a few.



We are happy to inform you that 'Ellabobella Design' is taking over the manufacture of our beloved Guywire's & Keys + I.D's. Ellabobella Design is wife and husband duo, Ella & Lewis Fitzgerald. Ella was one of the founding members of F3 Design alongside her brother, Pippin. So the Guywire range and Keys + I.D's are in very safe hands - keeping it all in the family!! Feel free to get in touch with them:

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